Project Implementation

FORWARD SCOTLAND- Working closely with the existing design team for the sustainable conversion of a historic building in Glasgow to provide offices for Forward Scotland, Thirdwave has proposed cost-effective measures that will provide a healthy working environment and balance the needs for conservation and sustainability. Forward Scotland

MORAY BADENOCH & STRATHSPEY ENTERPRISE- To support a strategy by Moray Badenoch & Strathspey Enterprise to regenerate Aviemore Village along sustainability principles, Thirdwave conducted a Sustainability Potential Assessment which, informed by relevant, achievable best practice, resulted in our recommending key sustainability policy objectives and performance indicators for future development in the centre and broader community

CITY OF EDINBURGH COUNCIL- On behalf of the City of Edinburgh Council in procuring of new Headquarters Office, Thirdwave authored the sustainability component of the Invitation to Tender (ITT) for competing developers, wrote and constructed a customised Sustainability Design Support Web Site to improve the quality of the bids returned, set standards for the selection process from the ITT and judged submissions to determine the preferred bidder. Based on our successful working relationship with the client, the Property Services Department of CEC now includes, as standard, a statement on Sustainable Construction Standards expected in all of responses to its ITTs.

THE ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND GROUP- Working closely with The Royal Bank of Scotland Group we have developed customised business models for sustainable property investment, asset management, procurement and project management. One of the first outputs has been a Software Tool which flags up key issues at the earliest possible stages of brief setting and design, and illustrates how they add value to RBSG. The tool is designed to quantify many of the sustainable design, management and procurement issues which others may view as qualitative, thereby enabling the Bank to more accurately gauge the viability of a building as a long-term investment

ISLAND OF SOQOTRA, REPUBLIC OF YEMEN - In partnership with WS Atkins and others, we worked closely with the local population in authoring Sustainable Design Guidelines for Tourism Facilities and Infrastructure for the Island of Soqotra, Republic of Yemen, with funding from the EC. Identified as one of the world's most pristine remaining islands, key themes informing our work were minimising impact, valuing local knowledge, respecting culture, developing local skills and keeping resources and wealth creation with the indigenous inhabitants.

NATIONAL TRUST FOR SCOTLAND- On behalf of the National Trust for Scotland, Thirdwave carried out a Feasibility Study, inclusive of Business Plan and Design Strategy, for a potential resource at Grey Mare's Tail in Dumfries and Galloway. The approach, an organisational values led strategy grounded in sustainable principles, evolved based on a close working relationship with both the Trust and many of its key stakeholders.

MORRISON HOMES- Thirdwave has worked with private housing developer Morrison Homes to create a Masterplan for a sustainable rural community in the Scottish Borders. Thirdwave's principal task was to identify and promote the key sustainability objectives that would define a strong and healthy community and then to work in partnership with master planners and architects Farningham McCreadie to use these key objectives to guide the planning and design process. The work was carried out in such a way as to provide generic as well as specific sustainability planning guidelines and to take members of Morrisons up the learning curve from a sustainability perspective.

SCOTTISH ENTERPRISE DUMFRIES & GALLOWAY- commissioned a study of options for the disposal of shellfish waste in the region, responding to legislative changes governing Animal By-Products that threatened the viability of a number of local shellfish processors. As well as a complete survey of shellfish waste generated at each site in Dumfries and Galloway, Thirdwave examined twenty-one disposal options. Recommendations were given as to which options should be implemented and developed, and also as to how processors could be co-ordinated and persuaded to co-operate.

SCOTTISH ENTERPRISE EDINBURGH AND LOTHIAN- Thirdwave was invited by Scottish Enterprise Edinburgh and Lothian (SEEL) to assess the impact of the Special Waste Amendment Regulations on local businesses, after their implementation in July 2004. By contacting a large range of companies and industries in the area, it was possible to highlight the main problem areas both at the present time and for the near future. Recommendations on how to deal with current special waste streams were presented in the format of a durable briefing paper for SEEL Business Advisers to utilise on site visits.

SCOTTISH BORDERS ENTERPRISE- Thirdwave set the strategy and framework for Scottish Borders Enterprise for the Scottish Borders Eco-Industrial Project, part funded by the European Union RETEX Programme. The primary goal of the project was to develop and demonstrate a new model of sustainable development through the creation of an industrial ecology amongst some 60 mostly small companies occupying a 33 hectare Riverside site on the outskirts of the town of Selkirk. Thirdwave has been involved in three phases of the Project, developing and applying business sustainability audit tools, developing project evaluation frameworks and authoring a best business guide to sustainable development.

NATIONAL MUSEUMS OF SCOTLAND- In response to the early identification by the National Museums of Scotland to progress sustainably to their need for a new storage facility, Thirdwave developed Guidelines to the Process of Procuring Green Building as part of a Sustainability Scoping Study for the project.

RED WING HOUSING AND REDEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION- Thirdwave was a lead partner with the Red Wing Housing and Redevelopment Association (Minnesota, USA) in a project seeking to transform the city of Red Wing into a sustainable community and replicate that success across the state. This project was part of a long-term research initiative drawing on international best practice to develop a robust, yet flexible, toolkit for community learning, to enable communities to operationalise their own sustainability goals. Working closely and directly with the many different stakeholder groups within the community our key task was to work with the community to ensure that all of its members could eventually take ownership of the resource.

FORWARD SCOTLAND- Thirdwave has been commissioned by Forward Scotland to develop the content for a web-based introduction to the feasibility study it funded for the sustainable conversion of a historic building in Glasgow. This clearly sets out the actions needed to be taken by various interested parties and points them to relevant examples and information in the original study. Forward Scotland

UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD, BIOCHEMISTRY LABORATORY- Thirdwave is currently working with the design team for a major new biochemistry laboratory at the University of Oxford, to incorporate sustainability principles into the design of the building. This work has so far included research into international best practice in laboratory design, the preparation of a sustainability report to support the detailed planning application, and ongoing assessment of the design as it develops.

UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD, ASMHMOLEAN MUSEUM- Thirdwave is also undertaking a similar role for an extension to Oxford University's Ashmolean Museum (2005), which is replacing a haphazard arrangement of extensions to the landmark Cockerell Building, which have emerged over the last century or so, with a single new building. This will make the museum easier to navigate, will offer improved conditions for visitors and for the collection, and will embody many principles of sustainable development.

WWF-SCOTLAND- WWF-Scotland moved to new premises in Dunkeld. This involved refurbishing an old building (previously a doctor's surgery) on which WWF took a long term lease. Working alongside their agents, Thirdwave helped WWF (which - in England - runs the 'One Million Sustainable Homes' project) to incorporate its own values into the project and disseminate subsequent good practice and lessons learned. WWF Scotland Green Office

INPARTNERSHIP / CITY SPIRIT / SALFORD CITY COUNCIL- Thirdwave is the sustainability advisor on the design team of a major urban regeneration project in Salford. A 16 hectare area of increasingly abandoned housing, with vacant shops and all the related problems is being redeveloped in phases by Inpartnership and City Spirit Developers in a joint venture with Salford City Council. The process was started by gaining buy-in from the local community - which has specific cultural and social needs. As the project moves forward, Thirdwave's role is focused on the quality of the many new buildings: how they meet the needs of, and promote a sense of community; how they work economically - both immediately and over the longer term; and how they impact on the environment.

SUSTAINABLE HOUSING ONLINE- is a new "knowledge-share" resource for housing professionals in Scotland, developed independently by Thirdwave. This resource will form an integral part of a national performance measurement and management system for social housing. Sustainability Online

EDINBURGH DEVELOPMENTS AND INVESTMENTS LTD'S- Working closely with Edinburgh Developments and Investments Ltd's design and delivery team, we supported and guided the improved sustainability of the above mentioned £70M city centre office development. We also contributed a Sustainability Report to the submitted planning application, reflecting the acknowledged strengths and weaknesses of the project and where it contributes to the sustainability objectives of the City of Edinburgh Council's policies.

ABERDEEN CITY COUNCIL- Working within a multi-disciplinary team which has recently been commissioned by Aberdeen City Council, Thirdwave will be responsible for developing a sustainability framework and evaluation tool which will be integral to the development and appraisal of the Aberdeen Beach Masterplan.

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