SCANDIC HOTELS- Working with the Environment and Technical Services teams for Scandic Hotels, Thirdwave has authored a Sustainability Framework and approach for the new Design Guide for all future development. This work links the organisational aspirations of Scandic, their principles, objectives and targets with how and what they procure, the standards buildings must achieve, guiding approaches, and identifying where value can be realised by a range of their stakeholders and participants in the delivery process.

UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD ESTATES DIRECTORATE- Working closely with the University of Oxford Estates Directorate, we are conducting an assessment of how the University is delivering sustainable development across its core activities. The review compares Oxford with other leaders in its peer group, as well as other comparable organisations / businesses operating similar estates. Although focussed on estates and buildings, other core University activities impacting on sustainability are also addressed. Outputs and recommendations, once accepted, will acknowledge strengths to date as well as determining a works programme for improving performance strategically and tactically.

FORWARD SCOTLAND- Thirdwave has been commissioned to develop the content for a web-based introduction to the feasibility study on behalf of Forward Scotland for the sustainable conversion of a historic building in Glasgow. This clearly sets out the actions needed to be taken by various interested parties and points them to relevant examples and information in the original study. Forward Scotland

INSTITUTE OF STRUCTURAL ENGINEERS- Working alongside Sistech and Heriot-Watt University, Thirdwave charted the way forward for the Institute of Structural Engineers with the report "The Changing Role of Structural Engineers in Society". Based on extensive consultation with members of the Institute, the report set out the changes and challenges faced by structural engineers, and recommendations as to how members should respond.

COUNTRYSIDE COMMISSION FOR WALES- In support of the Countryside Commission for Wales, Thirdwave provided expert peer review of the LANDMAP Extension project, which through the Welsh Assembly TASK ('Towards A Sustainable Knowledge-based region') programme received European Union Innovative Actions funding. LANDMAP is a GIS based environmental performance tool, which through the extension programme was being tested for its suitability in conjunction with social and economic sustainability information.

THE HIGHLAND COUNCIL- Thirdwave has written Sustainable Design Guidelines which are expected to form the Supplementary Planning Guidance on Sustainable Development for use by developers making applications for planning permission to The Highland Council. Our multi-disciplinary team has ensured that the Guidance is specifically tailored to address issues arising in the region, and we believe that our consultation with planning officers and other interested parties has resulted in a document that will meet the needs of applicants as well as the Council, while sitting comfortably alongside the policies of relevant government agencies.

SCOTTISH ENTERPRISE EDINBURGH AND LOTHIAN- Thirdwave was invited by Scottish Enterprise Edinburgh and Lothian (SEEL) to assess the impact of the Special Waste Amendment Regulations on local businesses, after their implementation in July 2004. By contacting a large range of companies and industries in the area, it was possible to highlight the main problem areas both at the present time and for the near future. Recommendations on how to deal with current special waste streams were presented in the format of a durable briefing paper for SEEL Business Advisers to utilise on site visits.

COMMUNITIES SCOTLAND- On behalf of Communities Scotland, Thirdwave devised and created the Guide for Registered Social Landlords on Constructing a Sustainability Policy & Action Plan. This latter took the form of a unique Policy Wizard which has received wide acclaim for its challenging and progressive approach to supporting the implementation of Communities Scotland's SD Policy.

SCOTTISH EXECUTIVE- Thirdwave was commissioned by the Scottish Executive to prepare a position paper on 'Sustainable Construction: a Scottish Perspective' in advance of the publication of the Government's sustainability consultation paper, Down to Earth.

OFFICERS AND ELECTED MEMBERS OF POWYS COUNTY COUNCIL- Thirdwave has been commissioned to develop and deliver a training and awareness raising programme for Officers and Elected Members of Powys County Council. The aim of this programme is to ensure that the authority's commitment to the Green Dragon Environmental Management System is effectively rolled out across all departments. Fundamental to this is the compilation of a report demonstrating the cost-savings which can be achieved through sound environmental management and identifying relevant best practice case studies.

SUST: LIGHTHOUSE ON SUSTAINABILITY PROGRAMME Sponsored by the Sust: Lighthouse on Sustainability programme, Thirdwave developed and delivered a programme of training for Scotland's six cities under the title Sustainability, Best Value and Well Being. Through this programme policy-makers and operational staff from the six local authorities were able to assess current status and begin to improve local capacity at the organisational, operational and service-delivery levels, specifically tailored to local issues of sustainability within the Built Environment.

SCOTTISH HOMES/COMMUNITIES SCOTLAND- Development of learning support and assessment software for the procuring of sustainable social housing (2000). The "Housing Quality Assessment Program" was created, in collaboration with Heriot-Watt University, for Scottish Homes/Community Scotland, the nation's housing agency to support the needs of housing associations, their design teams and, ultimately, their tenants. Thirdwave has since developed a set of Indicators with Scottish Homes (2001) and written the Sustainable Policy Wizard to complement HQAP.

SCOTTISH HOMES/COMMUNITIES SCOTLAND- The Sustainability & Social Housing Training Programme was developed to provide high quality training to key policy-makers and operational staff working with RSLs, with Scottish Homes and with their partner organisations, with the endorsement of both Scottish Homes/Community Scotland. Over 300 people attended the courses including Scottish Homes' employees, housing associations, architects and other design professionals, officials of local authorities.

SUSTAINABLE HOUSING ONLINE- (www.sustainability-online.org.uk) is a new "knowledge-share" resource for housing professionals in Scotland, developed independently by Thirdwave. This resource will form an integral part of a national performance measurement and management system for social housing.

EGYPT'S MINISTRY OF INTERNATIONAL CO-OPERATION- Policy makers in Egypt's Ministry of International Co-operation involved in physical, economic and community development at national, regional and global levels have benefited from Thirdwave's package of intensive training Modules in Sustainable Development. The courses were designed to provide training in the essentials of sustainability for those "non-specialist" decision-makers whose vital role it would be to create and lead interdisciplinary teams of specialists in these key sectors.

MIDLOTHIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND ENTERPRISE- Thirdwave has facilitated stakeholder workshops for Midlothian Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise, who were seeking to procure a sustainable new office building to serve as their own headquarters and as a Centre for Start-up Companies in the region. The workshops raised the level of understanding of and confidence in the benefits of sustainable construction and helped the development partners formulate a strategic sustainability brief for the project.

SCOTTISH SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT FORUM (SSDF) - Thirdwave has provided the Secretariat for the Scottish Sustainable Development Forum (www.ssdforum.org.uk) since 2003. The 300-strong Forum is the focus for thinking and action on sustainable development across Scotland and is funded by the Scottish Executive to facilitate debate, raise awareness and understanding, promote good practice, and recommend action in the pursuit of a more sustainable Scotland.

LORD PROVOST'S COMMISSION ON SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT FOR THE CITY OF EDINBURGH- As a principal output, Thirdwave was asked to adapt a Charter and Action Plan for organisations and businesses in Edinburgh from one we had authored as practical guidance for Scottish business. The six key areas of commitment identified by the Charter apply to all those working in the property and construction industries. The objective of the Lord Provost's Charter for a sustainable Edinburgh is to promote best sustainable practices amongst public and private sector organisations across the city. Guideline performance indicators were proposed which measure how well an organisation is managing its commitment to sustainability under the six major headings of the Charter.

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