Financial Services Industry

THE ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND GROUP- Working closely with The Royal Bank of Scotland Group we have developed customised business models for sustainable property investment, asset management, procurement and project management. One of the first outputs has been a Software Tool which flags up key issues at the earliest possible stages of brief setting and design, and illustrates how they add value to RBSG. The tool is designed to quantify many of the sustainable design, management and procurement issues which others may view as qualitative, thereby enabling the Bank to more accurately gauge the viability of a building as a long-term investment.

ETHICAL INVESTMENT CO-OPERATIVE SCOTLAND- On behalf of the Ethical Investment Co-operative Scotland, Thirdwave conducted an extensive international study on the application of sustainability are being applied internationally to areas of the financial services industry such as lending, risk assessment, liability, investment patterns and mortgages. Examples of best practice were examined for replicability within both UK and EC marketplaces.