Developing Sustainable Tourism

TOURISM AND ENVIRONMENT FORUM (SCOTLAND)- Commissioned by the Tourism and Environment Forum, Thirdwave undertook an evaluation of the impact of the Sustainable Tourism Statement on its member's activities. The collation of evidence reflected the different approaches taken by the public, private and voluntary sectors in addressing collective priorities for making Scottish tourism more sustainable.

MORAY BADENOCH & STRATHSPEY ENTERPRISE- To support a strategy by Moray Badenoch & Strathspey Enterprise to regenerate Aviemore Village along sustainability principles, Thirdwave conducted a Sustainability Potential Assessment which, informed by relevant, achievable best practice, resulted in our recommending key sustainability policy objectives and performance indicators for future development in the centre and broader community.

BRITISH AIRWAYS TOURISM FOR TOMORROW AWARDS- At the request of British Airways Tourism for Tomorrow Awards, Courtney Peyton has served as a judge at both the overall assessments and the sustainable destination / hotels categories. She continues to contribute to the evolution of the award, both through BA and the World Travel and Tourism Council who now jointly run the award scheme.

ISLAND OF SOQOTRA, REPUBLIC OF YEMEN - In partnership with WS Atkins and others, we worked closely with the local population in authoring Sustainable Design Guidelines for Tourism Facilities and Infrastructure for the Island of Soqotra, Republic of Yemen, with funding from the EC. Identified as one of the world's most pristine remaining islands, key themes informing our work were minimising impact, valuing local knowledge, respecting culture, developing local skills and keeping resources and wealth creation with the indigenous inhabitants.

SCANDIC HOTELS- Working with the Environment and Technical Services teams for Scandic Hotels, Thirdwave has authored a Sustainability Framework and approach for the new Design Guide for all future development. This work links the organisational aspirations of Scandic, their principles, objectives and targets with how and what they procure, the standards buildings must achieve, guiding approaches, and identifying where value can be realised by a range of their stakeholders and participants in the delivery process.

NATIONAL TRUST FOR SCOTLAND- On behalf of the National Trust for Scotland, Thirdwave carried out a Feasibility Study, inclusive of Business Plan and Design Strategy, for a potential resource at Grey Mare's Tail in Dumfries and Galloway. The approach, an organisational values led strategy grounded in sustainable principles, evolved based on a close working relationship with both the Trust and many of its key stakeholders