Strategy & Policy Development

Sustainability is now at the heart of modern life. Thirdwave offers strategic advice and policy development underpinned by an understanding of pragmatic, commercially sound solutions to every day challenges. Thirdwave works closely with both the public and private sectors across a range of projects.

Our strength is in relating sustainability to local and national contexts, understanding how policy can be set to improve sustainability and how businesses can adapt their behaviour to profit from more sustainable performance.

We consider that this area consists of five separate, but overlapping phases, including:
  • Research and analysis - to understand the situation, issues and drivers
  • Scoping and benchmarking of current practice - to understand current positioning
  • Developing and setting standards - in order to achieve the required objectives
  • Producing guidance - in order to ensure least wasted effort during compliance
  • Accessing applications - for standards compliance.


Thirdwave is able to add value to all steps of the process, whether the project is for developing a strategy for sustainable tourism, developing new guidelines for delivery processes by a construction company or overseeing compliance of high performance standards during a planning application process.

Examples of Strategy & Policy Development by Thirdwave >>