Project Implementation

Once strategies and policies have been set the next key stage is to ensure that any project being undertaken sets and meets related standards in a way that minimises potential cost and delay whilst also maximising all the benefits obtainable from compliance.

This is made easier and more cost effective when Thirdwave joins the project as early as possible during the process. Thirdwave can add value across all stages of project implementation including:

  • Awareness raising and organisational capacity building
  • Benchmarking good practice
  • Setting Key Performance Standards together with monitoring and testing regimes
  • Reviewing proposals and providing specific advice
  • Advising on project implementation to ensure compliance Undertaking project reviews, monitoring and auditing performance
  • Providing feed back post completion
  • Promoting the project’s, and the client’s, good practice and good process to different audiences through a range of dissemination activities and mechanisms.

Examples of Project Implementation by Thirdwave >>