Leadership - Government and its Agencies

The Challenge

For all levels of Government, as well as government agencies, sustainability continues to grow in importance. Organisations tasked with providing leadership in this area are finding that matters are becoming both more critical and more complex as sustainability:
  • Is placed at the top of the political and civic agenda at International, National, Regional and Local levels
  • Matures as a discipline, requiring a greater level of expertise to be available to organisations
  • Is understood by both experts and the general public to impact directly upon more areas of our lives
  • Requires solutions, leadership, standards and guidance in new areas and clearer, more detailed information to stakeholders
  • Matures as a discipline, requiring a greater level of expertise to be available to organisations
  • Impacts increasingly on a societal level, where those with authority have a duty to understand the needs of their constituents, the wider community and promote social inclusion to the benefit of all.

Government and other agencies are increasingly being looked to as exemplars for sustainability. Opportunities include influencing supply chains as large consumers of services and products, or setting standards as major employers with internal and external influence and responsibilities.

The challenges and potentials in leadership for these organisations are therefore perhaps greatest of all.

How we can help

Thirdwave has many years of experience working with National, Regional and Local government.

We work closely with leaders in governance to ensure that the needs of their constituents are at the heart of the solutions we develop. We conduct research and analysis, set standards, develop guidance and tools, oversee project implementation and communicate needs and ambitions to stakeholders (including the public).

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