Built Environment

The Challenge

The Built Environment is central to the economy, our quality of life and cultural identity within the UK. Simultaneously, it also has the greatest environmental impact (responsible for 50% of all CO2 emissions for example) of any economic sector or activity - an impact that every resident of the UK directly contributes to on a daily basis.

Improving the performance of buildings and the construction sector as a whole is crucial to the UK. Sustainable buildings use less energy and water, are healthier, enable higher levels of occupant productivity and ultimately are a more valuable asset.
Given the impact of the built environment, it is not unsurprising that both the EU and the UK governments are increasingly focusing on building procurement and performance. Whether this comes in the form of more demanding regulations, sustainability codes, fiscal drivers or eco-labelling to encourage consumer preferences, the market is changing and changing fast.

How we can help

Thirdwave works with all three main stakeholder groups:
  • The regulatory sector
  • Those who finance, commission and occupy buildings
  • The construction industry.
We help all our clients both minimise their costs and maximise their long term building value.

For the regulatory sector we advise on and author challenging but achievable regulations/standards.

For building investors, owners and tenants we develop high performance building project briefs, including setting and driving appropriate Performance Standards.

  For design / construction teams we help the professionals to meet their clients' needs and aspirations.

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