Our Approach

Thirdwave is passionate about sustainability and how we can help organisations to make better use of their resources.

We are recognised experts in using sustainability principles to best solve client problems over both the short and long term.

We understand the urgency of response required by organisations and the depth and range of environmental and social demands now facing them. Organisations that can meet these challenges in a planned and considered manner stand to produce significant economic and commercial opportunities - both for themselves and for the community as a whole.

We believe that adopting pragmatic sustainability practices will benefit all of us. We focus on innovative solutions to client problems. We help build the client’s own competency to lead change in their own organisations.

Success breeds success. In order to grow the sustainability community as effectively as possible we work with leading edge organisations - innovators and early adopters within a sector who appreciate the increasing need for, and benefits of, sustainability.

These beliefs are at the core of how we run our own business and what we bring to our clients and our stakeholders.

Thirdwave (Scotland) Ltd

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